2016 Results

Race #1- January 27, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Race #2- February 3, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Race #3- February 10, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Race #4- February 17, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Race #5- February 24, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Race #6- March 2, 2016 - Alpine / Nordic

Please note it is dark and sometimes difficult to see numbers.  If we have entered your time in error, kindly e-mail us at to let us know.  Please give us as much information as possible so we can correct the mistake, including your full name, bib number (if you can remember it) the names or bib numbers of those who came in either right before or right after you.


*Look for results on

For questions regarding Nordic results, please email  If you find an error with your results, please include the following in your email: Ski or Snowshoe, age category you should be in, Bib number, any bib numbers of people you remember coming in right behind or righ ahead of you.

For questions regarding Alpine results, please email

Please Note: Points System - for the Nordic Nighthawk Series Final results we total everyone’s BEST 4 races out of the 6. In order to qualify for the Series Finals you need to have attended at least 4 races. However, if you acquired points in MORE than 4 races, your total is ONLY the total of your best 4.




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