How and where do I register for a SnowSports Program?
For 2013-2014 Programs Registration is available at Eldora Mountain Sports in Boulder, by phone at 303.440.8700, or online here. Located at 2775 Canyon Blvd. in Boulder, Eldora Mountain Sports is the preffered registration location and is open from 10am-6pm, 7 days a week through Eldora's Opening Day. When visiting the store, you can pick up specific Program Packet information and you or your children's applicable Lesson Program pass. Our representatives will assist in answering any questions, and getting you or your children registered for 2013-2014 Lesson Programs.

If you cannot make it to our store in Boulder, you can register via phone: 303-440-8700 or online here.

Register early! Space is limited. Registration for all programs is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Where do I pick up the Program Information Packet & Program Pass?
If you register by phone or online, Lesson Program information packets and passes may be picked-up in person at Eldora Mountain Sports in Boulder. (28th and Canyon in Boulder. Phone 303-440-8700 x 604).or at the Eldora Mountain Resort Programs Office in Indian Peaks Lodge, prior to the Lesson Program start date.

Program Information Packet & Program Pass pick up deadlines:

  • Session I: All Programs - TBD
  • Session II:
    • Eldorables - TBD
    • Women's - TBD
    • Trek - TBD

Does my child have to be present when I pick up the Program Information Packet & Program Pass?
If we have a current photo of your child on file already, the child does not need to be present when you pick up the information packet and pass. The pass will have the participant's name and photo, the name of the program and the Session. The pass needs to be with your child everyday that they participate in the Lesson Program.

Please Note: If you are purchasing an Eldora Season Pass for your child or received a Season Pass with the purchase of sessions I & II of the Kid's Trek program or Women's Days program, your Season Pass will also serve as your Lesson Program pass.

What ability level am I?
Determining your appropriate ability level is important for a cohesive class. Granted, the level you choose is not always accurate and changes in classes may occur during the session. However, we want to keep these changes to a minimum. Please take time to review the levels and pick the level that is closest to your or your child's ability level at this time. An Eldora Representative will be happy to assist you with making sure you are choosing the appropriate ability level.

Eldora uses a COLOR system for assigning levels to all SnowSports Programs. A colored sticker that corresponds to the chosen ability level will be placed on your Lesson Program pass. On the first day of the Lesson Program, you'll go to the colored flag behind Indian Peaks Lodge that matches the ability level you have signed up for.

To review the different ability levels Click Here.

Where do I go on the first day of the Program?
On the first day of each program the participants will meet behind the Indian Peaks Lodge in the learning area. Each participant should meet at the colored flag that corresponds to the colored sticker on their Program Pass. Participants should be dressed ready to ski or ride with their equipment and Program Pass when they arrive at the flag. After meeting with your group at the designated flag, the participants will proceed to the appropriate terrain with their instructor and begin the ability and skill level assessment.

Program Start Times:

  • Eldorables Afternoons 1:30pm
  • Eldorables Mornings 10:30am
  • Women's 9:30am
  • Trek 9:30am

What happens on the first day of a SnowSports Program?
The first day of any SnowSports Program can be exciting, but often with some anxiety associated. Please understand our priority is to create a SAFE and fun learning environment. We want to do everything we can to make your SnowSports Program the best possible experience!

Getting everyone into the appropriate level and making sure classes are cohesive and safe is the primary goal of the first day. This can take time, but it is important for you and your child’s safety.

Please plan to meet your instructor ready to ski or snowboard at your pre-assigned color-coded flag behind the Indian Peaks Lodge in the base area. Classes will congregate and when all assigned students are there, instructors will leave the base area to the appropriate terrain to assess the class level. Supervisors will be there to assist in helping with appropriate class levels and safety.

PLEASE arrive early! Getting ready to ski or snowboard can take longer than you think. Plan on meeting at your pre-assigned colored flag dressed and ready to ski or snowboard. Your must wear appropriate clothing and have all you ski and snowboard gear — including eye protection and sunscreen!

What if I can't be there on the first day or we miss a day of the session?
Sometimes missing the first day of the program or missing a day of a session is unavoidable. If this occurs and you know ahead of time, please contact us via email or phone.

  • Email to programs@eldora.com
  • Programs Office 303-440-8700 ext. 271 (starting November 19th, 2011)

If you miss the first day of a session and were not able to contact us prior to, we will do everything possible to get you or your child into the appropriate class for the next week. Contacting us before the next class time will assist us in making sure the instructor is notified and arrangements are made to get into the appropriate class.

What if I want to make changes to my Program registration?
Sometimes it is necessary to make changes to your Program Registration. We would like to keep these to a minimum. One change per participant will be allowed. Additional registration changes will be subject to a $40 administrative fee.

To make a registration change, please contact us via:

  • Email at programs@eldora.com
  • Phone to the Programs Office 303-440-8700 ext. 271
  • In person at Eldora Mountain Sports at 2775 Canyon Blvd. in Boulder

What if I want my child to be with a friend in the Program?
If your child would like to be in the same class as a friend we will do our best to accommodate this request. We do have to consider each participants ability and skill level first. It is also best to check with your child's friend to make sure both children are signed up for the same program on the same day. Please be aware that your child will be placed at the lower ability level of the two children.

We prefer if this request is made on the registration form when you register for the program. If you forgot when registering, please call the Programs Office after you have registered.

To contact the Programs Office:

What are the relevant DEADLINES?
There are a number of key DEADLINES so please mark your calendars. Your help with this is greatly appreciated in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Registration Deadlines:

  • Register early!
  • Registration for all programs is on a first-come, first serve basis. Space is limited.
  • Registration begins (for all programs and sessions) - August 26th, 2013
  • To receive discounted pricing for both sessions of ANY program, full payment MUST be received before 1st sessions starts.


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